The Importance of Business Mentors

Mental Attitude

The choice of life as an "independent enterprise" must have a mental attitude. "The life never flat" is so in business, there are always ups and downs, so the entrepreneur mentality must be owned. In many posts, discussed this mentality, one of which is toughness to survive in a difficult position. Yes .. crisis management is important for beginner entrepreneurs, so that the future does not become "wira was was" .. anxiety continues to income ordernya.he he he. The first crisis stage is when it has overcome the fear to start an independent business. Dare to risk another word. <More>
To minimize business failure, in addition to understand the "oportunity" business, must also understand the "risk", so that business-related science is absolute. "Learning by doing", always learn as long as the business is run, "better make mistakes and learn fast" than "delay doing for fear of being wrong". Although the betting error in business is the loss of assets. Make the lost assets as "cost learning", the cost of learning.

Has a Business Mentor

Business novice, should have a successful business mentor, even if the mentor is not in the same business. This is very important for sharing knowledge and experience so that "cost learning" is not so great and "bleeding" the association related to loss of assets can be suppressed. Discover this mentor, a successful businessman profile you think, who can be contacted at any time and invited to sharing of course. From them lah, science and experience stories will be obtained, because this science is applied science that rarely obtained in legal formal education. For example, how to read the character of a potential business partner or overcome the constraints of our limited resources.
This business mentor, can also be considered a "vehicle" for the time to succeed not so long. Because at the time of our business start, you are not yet known by the business, "flag" is not bankable, .. no bank wants to disburse capital for you, because your business is still the age of corn. Whereas fresh funds and orders must be obtained, and the role of Mentor, (a successful entrepreneur, who has been known to the business world) is your "personal warranty". Like a car, he is Bamper, all will be borne by him, so that the business "agree" and your business slowly get orders through this Mentor. You will be introduced to the business community ... over time we will (and should) be released after our track record and tested reputation. And integrity is a key word that businesses must have in the future, always welcome in society. Focus is on your business, wake up the flag .. keep your reputation, .rejeki will find you he he he

"Is like a teak tree, which is late growing compared to other trees, due to its root growth priority. And when the buds begin to grow, this tree will not collapse because of storms, floods and other disasters, because its roots pierce deep into the earth, looking for a source of water in the land that is usually chalk and barren ... as a quality Teak habitat of one "

MVC: view and controller model in the framework

The web application developer base is currently using the framework. This product uses the YII framework. In the framework there is the MVC concept stands for Model, View and Controlller.
In principle that there is a separation of the staff of the developer of the database part of the administator, the system analyst and all those associated with the table with the database structure. All the staff in this section are addressing in the Model.
For staff in the layout, artistic look of the web associated with CSS, image files and web design, all of these will handle View. And the last is the staff section that connects the view (view) with the database, that is the programmer, software enginnering, which is related to the procedure, syntax and everything related to the control, this section handles the Controller.

All staff with their own expertise can not compare, because they have their own advantages and disadvantages. So they are expected to support and complement each other to develop a reliable web.

MVC is more complicated than IDE?

If you have ever studied programming, and try to compare IDE based programming with those that do not. IDE is an integrated development environment (please correct if wrong), which is a feature in the compiler that comes with the form design, database and script script writing. <more> The easiest example of this IDE compiler is visual basic. You can easily set the location of the text box object and the command button you want, just by click and drag. If you want to ngCoding, simply by double clicking on the object that is considered to have its event, the compiler will automatically provide a place to write the coding. When you want to see the results of work, simply by pressing F5 then the project will display according to your design earlier, like you design according to what you want.
How about web develop with MVC concept. Web applications with this concept, will separate the parts for layout design, database and place the coding script. Because of the web base, we will upload the results on hosting (read: server) then, in general, contains the .php file and some css for the design.
If still on localhost (offline), all work will be separated in certain folder. And by using notepad ++, we design. The design here is different from the IDE concept, because there is no visa design that is clearly visible. So at this stage, we must understand first with its framework.

CMultiFileUpload to upload files

A sweetener feature in a web is an animated image. Here it can mean moving and changing images. On this web, there is a silder who always change the image, can even added or deleted images if not like. This slider image management module is in the "Upload Image" menu. With the database design to accommodate the uploaded file name, we will direct the slider path to the folder to save it.

With CMultiFileUpload extentiion we can upload multiple image files at once. The Folders path is set inside the params file that resides   /config/params.php

here is the existing slider coding script

$sql="SELECT * FROM file_diupload order by id";
        $dataProvider2=new CSqlDataProvider($sql,array(
            'keyField' => 'id',
            foreach($dataProvider2->getData() as $i=>$ii)

View Flow in Yii

Working with the framework, in the current web develop, should understand the concept of MVC. In this post, will sy tangent about the view. In the jni section, handle the look or layout of web design. Yii framework, has a plot in the view as follows.
1. Initially first, by default the web will access the index.php file located  in view/site/index.php
2. The default view yii, can be modified by converting the file into public variable $ layout declared in siteController
3. Suppose a public variable $layout="//layouts/coulumn2"
4. Please modif the coulumn2.php file that is on protected/view/layouts/
note the above script coulumn2.php
<?php $this->beginContent('//layouts/main'); ?>
5. You can add a Div or an additional tag. If you want a better view, then learn the themes with css bostraps
6. So on, when opening the module, then note the public variable $ layout that exist in each controller.

In summary, the View flow can be written Main.php ->coulumn2.php->controller->_form

Editme with a different touch with more

The blog creation phase with the framework (Yii), is to add an extension to simplify article writing. In this blog is used editMe extension. One of the advantages is able to upload image files (in our PC) to be inserted in the article. When the article has been posted, it appears the drawback, the article will look entirely along with the inserted image.
It is less efficient in terms of, the speed of web display. Every internet browser opens, in fact, will also download the files and images that look, meaning it will be lavish pulse :) and also slow when displaying web pages.

One way is to add procedures on the web, so in the article can be inserted more markers. Here is his script:

public function moreLink($idnya,$isinya)
        if(strstr($isinya, '&lt;more&gt;', true)==false)
        { $hasil= $isinya; }
            $hasil=strstr($isinya, '&lt;more&gt;', true);
            $hasil= $hasil.$isilink='<a href="../post/'.$idnya.'">SELENGKAPNYA</a>';
       return $hasil;

Every article that appears on the web page will always be truncated, precisely limited by the visible text, in accordance with the writing of "more" in the article itself. The series of articles will end with the words COMPLETE and when we click on the writing INSTANTLY it will lead to the article in full and eliminate the word COMPLETE earlier. Here's the coding:

public function tanpaMore($isinya)
       $hasil=str_replace("&lt;more&gt;","" , $isinya);
       return $hasil;


CgridView updates automatically when create, update and delete views # 1

By default, in the Yii framework, the CgridView widget is inside admin.php. This component is useful for displaying data and as an effective search for subsequent data manipulation. So it can be said, CgridView is always in Yii project.
When creating and updating, CgridView can be displayed in 1 form with the same input, it needs a coding modification. Look at the picture below: <more>
Stage 1, to do CgridView order to display the data directly in accordance with the create as follows:
Open the admin.php file in protected / view / nama_view_anda .... Copy and paste it in _form.php under the cover of its div form

</div><!-- penutup  form -->
<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
                                        'class' => 'CButtonColumn',
            'template' => '{update}{delete}',
)); ?>
Modify the coding on the controller
In actionCreate, replace the string coding as follows:
//$this->redirect(array('view','id'=>$model->id));   INI YANG ASLI
Please be practiced to save this new data, it will be able to get new data appear on the grid.
For the next article is a modification in actionUpdate. Please wait.

CgridView updates automatically when create, update and delete views no 2

As my promise in the title article CgridView update otomatis saat create, update dan delete pada 1 tampilan  # 1 , I will continue to make a trick on the gridview. In the first article, when uploading files, there are 2 events that take place: upload files in a specific folder and save the file name in a particular table.
Now we will discuss how to delete the uploaded data in the table and at the same time to delete the stored files. And it will directly remove the data in its gridview so it always updates

1.Open file in view as upload form
Modified cgridview
             'class' => 'CButtonColumn',  
             'template' => '{delete}',
Be as below:
array( 'class' => 'CButtonColumn',
                'template' => '{open}',
                'buttons' => array(
  'open' => array(
                 'url' => 'Yii::app()->createUrl("fileDiupload/conAktif", array("id"=>$data->id))',
                 'imageUrl' => Yii::app()->request->baseUrl . '/images/delete.png',  )
2. Make the conActive function in its controller
public function actionConAktif($id)
3. Make conactive views
<?php echo $this->renderPartial('_conformAktif', array(
                )); ?>
4.Make view _conformActive '
                                          hasil=window.confirm("Yakin hapus file/data ini ?");
                                                        window.location.href="../hapus/" + <?php echo $model->id ?>;
            }                             ?>       
5. After that go back to the controller to create the delete function
public function actionHapus($id)
                        //hapus item data yg terpilih'
                        $file = $model->nama_file;
                        $folder =Yii::app()->params['uploadDir'];
                         if( $file != null  &&  file_exists( $folder.'/'.$file ) )
             unlink(getcwd().'/'.$folder.$file); //hapus file yg terpilih datanya
                                         if ($model->delete())
        $this->redirect(isset($_POST['returnUrl']) ? $_POST['returnUrl'] : array('unggah/unggahfile'));

Please follow the steps above, if any bugs learn its errors,

Work Order in Digital Printing

Digital printing business, has the same principle with other retail business. But it has a difference, that is (generally) no goods are sold directly, but processed first. In the digital printing business, every order received, has a plot to delegate to staff. That is, there are staff in charge of working on the order.

In the digital printing cashier system, the need to print a Work Order (SPK). This SPK as a reference for employees working on the order. The information contained in this SPK include: no order, date, name of staff, customer and item order details. The detail item data is equal to the data at the time of the order but there is no value of the price and its total rupiah.

Transfer Database Distribution in Multi Branches of Information Systems 1.

Transfer Database Distribution in Multi Branches of Information Systems 1.
In a business that has multiple branches scattered in separate places, an information system is required that can monitor each transaction. The easy solution is to create a web-based information system with real time transactions.
Web-based advantages with centralized databases are Real time transactions so that instantly known data updates
Weaknesses include:
Must be internet connection guaranteed,
if there is a disconnected connection when the transaction is potentially invalid data
Fast internet connection
If there is a transaction delay will make uncomfortable users and consumers
Additional cost to buy and rent domain + hosting
The cost for internet access is fast

Information systems with centralized database and Real time transactions, suitable for established companies and are in locations with fast internet connection.

Our products have solutions for medium-sized enterprises that have many branches spread across many cities and are located far away in the suburbs.
Each transaction does not require an internet connection.
The transaction is stored in the local database or on the hardisk of that PC.
Only undelivered transactions will be transferred to the Center
Delivery of branch transactions every day and only done at end of office hours, with internet connection.
Center can automatically LOAD or enter branch transfer data from certain hours, eg at 17.00 s, d at 07.00 the following day
The center will always check the shipment per 10 minutes from the specified clock range.
Data in the Center will always be the same as the data in the branch, although there is a change or addition of transactions or any parent data.
This feature is similar to sync at a networking store in Indonesia

Restaurant Software, Unique Stock Design

In the culinary business, especially the type of "fast food" or fast food, management will count the number of side dishes served. Similarly, culinary business in restaurants or in lesehan. On the basis of the quantity of the side dishes, there will be a roughly obtained turnover.
However, in designing an information system, can not use the general retail system, in full. There is a fundamental difference in restaurant / restaurant management, related to stock validation. (stock here is the amount of side dishes earlier).
For example in the general retail, "a goods with different types will be made different product codes. When sold, it will automatically reduce the stock of the item ".

In fast food restaurants, eg padang restaurant, there are times when one will buy vegetable rendang only and rice plus vegetable rendang. There are 2 different stock data, so we must make different item code. Uniquely, is the 2 data earlier, should reduce the same 1 type of stock that is RENDANG. Because, management only count the number of side dishes, namely meat in rendang earlier.

free download product sample


khusus OS win 7 atau 8 atau Vista - pilih IGNORE jk ada pesan disaat SETUP/instakasi setelah terinstal semua file di layar,.

==== <strong> Free download Setup Sistem Informasi Monitoring Keuangan</strong>

Video Tutorial
Hak Akses.EXE    (download disini)   versi MP4 ( unduh disini ) versi WMV ( unduh disini )

Password.EXE (download disini)

1.a Kasir utk toko Kelontong Kecil
download DISINI, nama file setup: POS_RK5x.exe
- skala usaha yg sedang merintis: warung kelontong, sembako dll
- simple, mudah dijalankan, support barcode, miniprinter

Kasir 2018, update dari Kasir utk toko Kelontong Kecil, download DISINI, nama file setup: POS_2018.v003.exe
- mouse less / full keyboard ( tanpa menggunakan mouse ,.kecepatan tinggi cocok untuk pembeli yang antrian panjang )
- mini printer (thermal) (58 mm)
- cash transaksi


user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software
1.b Sistem Informasi Keuangan Retail Umum download DISINI , nama file setup: setupRKwp.exe

user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software Minimarket Lengkap ( silakan download disini )

Minimarket Standar ( silakan download disini ) MiniMarket.MN_RK8x.exe

Video Tutorial (ikuti sesuai nomor, saat liat):
1.stok.EXE  (download disini)
1.a.barcode.EXE (download disini)
2.pembelian.EXE  (download disini)
2.a.Konsinyasi.EXE (download disini)
3.Penjualan.EXE</strong> (download disini)
4.pembayaran_konsinyasi_terjual.EXE (download disini)
5.retur_konsinyasi.EXE (download disini)
6.kasKecil_stok.EXE (download disini)

a. Penjualan dengan kecepatan tinggi
b. mouse less, berbasis full keyboard
c. mengenal konsep konsinyasi
- membedakan transaksi konsinyasi
- membedakan barang dari suplier mana dan sifat konsinyasi ato tidak
- pembayaran barang konsinyasi yang terjual pada periode tertentu membolehkan barang yang sama disuplai dari beberapa suplier sekaligus, dgn kode barang yang berbeda2 scara otomatis dengan inisial kode supplier nya.
d. pelunasan piutang/hutang yang bisa tercatat beberapa kali dalam tanggal yang sama
e. retur penjualan/pembelian yang dapat mencatat dalam tanggal yang sama. (membolehkan retur beberapa kali dalam sehari )
f. mempunyai histori angsuran piutang/hutang dan link dengan retur penjualan/pembelian

3. Sistem Informasi Keuangan Penerbit Buku download DISINI, nama file setup: penerbit50.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

4.a.Sistem Informasi Bimbingan Belajar Full Akuntansi download DISINI , nama file setup: SINAU5._DEC.exe
- semua fitur yg ada di "versi lebih ringan full akuntansi"
- master instruktur dan karyawan
- kasbon instruktur dan karyawan
- angsuran pelunasan instruktur dan karyawan
- penggajian instruktur dan karyawan 

b.versi lebih ringan full akuntansi download DISINI, nama file setup: BimbelAc.Rk.exe
- Pendaftaran
- master siswa-peserta
- angsuran pelunasan
- Catatan Kas
- setup akun perkiraan
- jurnal umum akuntansi
- lap neraca saldo
- lap neraca riil
- penutupan periode akuntansi
- lap Laba Rugi user name dan password email japri via email di atas (banner blog)

5. Sistem Informasi Sekolah Terpadu  download DISINI, nama file setup: sekolaIT.5.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

6. Sistem Informasi Keuangan Usaha Dagang Full Akuntansdownload DISINI, nama file setup: retailACC5jg.exe user name dan password email japri via email di atas (banner blog)

7. Sistem Informasi Tempat Penitipan Anak  download DISINI  nama file setup: mutiaraTSVR.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

8. Setup Informasi Usaha Dagang setingkat Distributor menengah Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI  nama file setup: setupT.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

9. Setup Informasi Tiketing Tour Travel Airlines Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: setupCBU.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3

utk menjalankan software liat video penjualan Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI

12. Setup Sistem Informasi Laundry Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI nama file setup: Laundry.4x.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

13. A. Setup Sistem Koperasi Simpan Pinjam (KSP) Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: KSP.4x.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software
B. Koperasi SIMPIN Full Akuntansi Silakan , nama file setup: KSP_akt.exe
- Data induk Nasabah (pinjaman dan simpanan/tabungan)
- pengajuan pinjaman
- pelunasan pinjaman
- tabungan
- Setup Perkiraan akuntansi
- Seting Perkiraan akuntansi
- lap buku besar
- lap neraca saldo
- lap neraca riil
- lap laba rugi
- jurnal umum
- closing periode akuntansi

14. P O S, points of sales = kasir Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: POSRKa.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software
- data induk stok
- adjustment/penyesuaian stok
- Point of sales
- laporan-laporannnya

15. L B B, Lembaga Bimbingan Belajar / LPK  Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: Bimbel_NA.Lsc.RK.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

16. K S U, Koperasi Serba Usaha,Gadai dan Leasing full akuntansi Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: KSU_R15.exe user name dan password email japri via email di atas (banner blog)

17. Tiketing Perusahaan Otobis Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI , nama file setup: PO.5x.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software. Petunjuk Pemakaian DOWNLOAD diSINI

18. Penginapan dan Hotel sederhana Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: Inap.5x.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

18.b. Sistem Keuangan Hotel silakan Download disini, nama file setup: rk_HOTEL silakan yang akan minat serius email ke atau WA ke 085228129375 untuk mendapatkan user dan password login

data induk kamar dan detail fasilitas
transaksi dari booking->check in->check out ( dengan berbagai kemungkinan transaksi)
melayani ID customer pribadi atau company ( ada fasilitas utk diskon member)
modul Kasir toko, untuk melayani tamu dan tamu umum
denah kamar yang bisa diketahui statusnya saat check berdasar tanggal: di bboking;terisi atau kosong

19. Grosir dan Komisi Sales Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup:GrosirRK.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

20.Aplikasi Penjualan Toko Emas download DISINI, nama file setup: GOLD.6x.exe user name dan password email japri via email di atas (banner blog)

21.Aplikasi Distributor Obat dan Alat Kesehatan download DISINI, nama file setup: setupMedRK.exe aplikasi distributor, baik berupa agen obat atau alat kesehatan. fitur: - Faktur Pajak - surat jalan - kasbon dan angsuran utk karyawan - penggajian user name dan password email japri via email di atas (banner blog)

22.Sistem Informasi Manajemen Konsultan Developer Bangunan download DISINI ,nama file setup:DevRK.5x.exe user: 3 dan password: 3 fitur: - monitoring uang kas per projek - monitoring progress bangunan dengan gambar ( versi lain,.silakan japri bagi yang serius )

23.Sistem Informasi Manajemen Toko Online download DISINI,nama file setup: tokoBukuOnline.exe user:3 pass:3
terdapat export dari excel ke database,.dengan menyertakan file katalog.xls
- sbg pendukung toko online anda, shg memudahkan administrasi keuangan.
- terdapat cetak alamat yg lengkap, shg memudahkan pengiriman sampai tujuan

24.Sistem Informasi Manajemen Rental dan Cuci Mobil-Motor download DISINI,nama file setup: SetupCM_RK.exe user:3 pass:3

1. otomatisasi penghitungan rate baik jumlah hari, hari libur atau sabtu minggu
2. otomatisasi penghitungan overtime
3. penghitungan grup cuci mobil
4. arus kas

25.Software Rumah Makan Cafe Resto versi dasar download DISINI,nama file setup: RM-RK2015.exe user:3 pass:3
1. ada data stok: retail dan non retail
2. Penjualan, tidak harus mengisi data dari data stok, bisa langsung menuliskan menu/masakan yang tidak ada di data, sehingga cepat pelayanan tidak ribet masalah data stok yang belum update
3. laporan grafik income
4. catatan Kas

video tutorial
1. Pembelian stok retail download DISINI,nama file setup: Pembelian.exe
2. Stok dan Penjualan download DISINI,nama file setup: Stok_Penjualan.exe

26.Software Rumah Makan Cafe Resto versi middle download DISINI nama file setup: RM-V2.2015.exe user dan pass silakan email atau WA atau BBM
1. semua fitur di no.25 tercakup semua
2. ada fitur produksi masakan dan penarikan (retur masakan) yg tidak laku
3. laporan lebih lengkap
4. cetak nota dengan mini printer

27.Sistem Absensi Kerja Karyawan download DISINI ,nama file setup: Absen.RK02.exe user dan pass silakan email atau WA atau BBM
1.fitur Inisiasi absen per bulan
2.rekam jejak absen dalam sebulan berjalan
3.jadwal hari dan jam kerja
4.lapaoran perhitungan jumlah absen dan tidak masuk dalam 1 bulan

28.Aplikasi/Program/Software Rental Alat (Kamera) download DISINI,nama file setup: setupRK.exe
modul Alat, Customer
modul Booking, modul Rental dan modul Pengembalian
1.Status jumlah Alat: tersedia;terBooking;terRental
2.Alat yang dipinjam tapi belum dikembalikan
3.Alat yang diBooking tapi belum diambil
4.Dan masih banyak lagi status alatnya
5.Kas Kecil yang membedakan pengeluaran/pemasukan non Tunai dan Tunai
29.<strong>sistem informasi lainnya...silakan cari di artikel lainnya</strong> === terma kasih partisipasinya

Project scope: developer-client communication

Often misunderstandings between developers and service users or clients. This happens because the scope of work is not well understood, either by developers or clients. In the initial conversation, the client will ask for a simple project, in the hope that the value of the project offered by the developer matches the client's expectations. And short story, agreed on the value of the project.

After an agreement and then cooperation, there are clients who request additional features. This feature is according to the developer beyond the "simple" scope, but according to the client is still relevant and reasonable. In this situation, the job progress is still 50%, so it will hurt both parties if the job stops completely.

Some solutions related to this situation, namely to communicate so that both parties understand each other.
1. additional features: no additional charges with the consequence of finishing time will experience delays. Time delays are often unexpected, if additional features seem to be simple, it turns out a systemic component that will change the entire project flow.
Another thing that often becomes a constraint is non-technical factors, in the form of deteriorating health due to the additional features.

2. the client is willing to give additional value of the project, with the consequence of time sesui initial target.

A finished product, will be a solution related to the above problems. Existing products, sent to clients for review and review. If not in accordance with the needs of clients, can be given a note. This note is for revision of the product and so is sent back to the client for review.

When approaching needs by the client, the next follow-up is to do a cooperation agreement. To determine the value of the project.

Produk Aplikasi Digital Printing

Telah Update,untuk RK.digPrintL10, ada fitur isian PPN. Pajak Penambahan Nilai untuk usaha dagang sebesar 10% dari total jual. Nilai PPN akan ditambahkan dengan total jual, sehingga pembeli akan terbebani 10% nya. Bagi Penjual (terutama yang sudah PKP - Pengusaha Kena Pajak ), nilai PPN tadi disetorkan ke kantor Pajak tiap bulannya.


Program Kasir Digital Printing ini sangat terjangkau, mulai dari usahawan yang baru merintis, sampai yang custome dengan tingkat komplesitas yang tinggi.
 silakan bisa diunduh di RK.DigPrint_L0_2018.exe , dengan fitur di menu Modul:
-. Layanan/Stok
-  Karyawan
-  Customer
-  Order/Penjualan dan lapaorannya

setiap order akan mengurangi stok, dengan kondisi;

1. jika kolom Panjang dan kolom Lebar diisi lebih dari NOL, maka berlaku rumus:  stok - ( qty x Panjang )

2. ika kolom Panjang dan kolom Lebar diisi  NOL, maka berlaku rumus:  stok - qty

fitur tambahan:
1. pembulatan otomatis total perkalian dari (p x l x qty   ) - diskon
2. jika ratusan kurang dari 500, maka dibulatkan ke 0
3. jika ratusan kurang dari 501 - 550, maka dibulatkan ke 550
4. jika ratusan kurang dari 550 keatas, maka dibulatkan ke ribuan

misal 12.450, menjadi 12.000
245.535, menjadi 245.500
362.654, menjadi 363.000


10. Setup Sistem Informasi Digital Printing Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup:DigPrintNew5.0.exe user name: 3 dan password: 3 utk menjalankan software

Berikut digital printing pengembangan di atas,.ada kolom Panjang dan Lebar pada nota order. Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: DigPrintDG_L.exe user dan password idem di atas ,

khusus setup DigPrintDG_L.exe, ada update silakan unduh fixing_admin5x.rar, utk kemudian extract utk dapatkan exe,.dan copy paste ke folder instalasi,.. krn ada temuan bug,.

versi update digital printing nama file RK.DigPrint_L8.x.exe Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI

dengan mutasi stok RK.DigPrint_L8.2.1.exe silaka UNDUH DI SINI
video tutorial :
download DISINI, nama file setup: order_DP.exe modul untuk mencatat penjualan atau order yang masuk
download DISINI, nama file setup:SuratJalan.exe modul mencatat barang pesanan yang diantarkan ke pelanggan
download DISINI, nama file setup:pembayaran_piutang.EXE modul untuk mencatat pelunasan piutang ( biasanya pelanggan DP dulu, pelunasan setelah barang pesanan jadi 100% )

10.B Digital Printing - ofset 2016, silakan unduh RK.DigPrint_L9
Cocok untuk Digital Printing dan ofset  menengah yang lebih memfokuskan monitoring kas dan piutang
- jenis customer : retail, dealer dan master
- jenis harga jual produk sesuai jenis customer
- menampilkan harga jual produk sesuai jenis customer yang dilayani, saat di modul order
- adjusment atau penyesesuain jumlah produk
- mengarangi otomatis setiap ada penjualan.
- nota cetak order dan pelunasan piutang dengan logo bergambar

silakan login dgn user: 3 dan pass:3

10.C Digital Printing 2017, silakan unduh RK.DP_L9.v1a 2017

penyempurnaan dari RK.DigPrint_L9  dengan tambahan fitur:

- memakai perhitungan komisi dari laba penjualan
- laba dengan perhitungan:
- jika Panjang=0 dan Lebar=0,  laba=((harga jual - harga beli) x Qty)-diskon
- jika Panjang>0 dan Lebar>0,  laba=((harga jual - harga beli) x Qty x Pjf x Lbr)-diskon
- Komisi melekat ada Karyawan, shingga bisa dibedakan komisi per karyawan (senior, junior dll)
- laporan per karyawan per bulan terkait komisi
- no nota bisa dibuat otomatis terbentuk (jika ada yang menginginkan)

d. tidak perlu mencatat tiap customer baru yang masuk, jk customer yang hanya sekali datang, cukup entri dengan ID customer: UMUM dan isi bagian keterangan dgn nama customer dan no telp nya

10.D versi  RK.DigPrint_L10, kelanjutan dari RK.DigPrint_L9
>modul monitoring proses: proses -> jadi -> diambil

silakan login dgn user: 3 dan pass:3

11. Setup Sistem Informasi OFSET  (khusus produksi Buku) Silakan DOWNLOAD diSINI, nama file setup: percetakaan5.0.exe
1. master bahan, kertas, plat, customer, supplier
2. pembelian bahan, catatan kas, pelunasan hutang
3. penjualan, perhitungan harga pokok produksi, pelunasan piutang
4. berbagai laporan modul utk menghitung HPP suatu order sebuah buku dg variabel antara lain:jml lembar hitam putih, bewarna,hard cover,shrink,binding, dll. Dari HPP dapat ditentukan harga jual untuk kemudian ke POS user dan password langsung email japri

11.B. Ofset dan Monitoring Proses (non Buku) silakan DOWNLOAD disini

login user: 3 pass: 3  , dg nama file setup RK_ofset.exe

1.berbentuk jaringan peer to peer dg db terpusat di setup server
2.terdapat pusat monitoring progress kerjaan yang hanya bisa dilihat oleh admin
3. tiap order yang telah disimpan, akan muncul item nama pekerjaan di setiap PC staf desainer  ataupun produksi( setelah tahap desain+revisi selesai)
4. item order dibedakan pada data induk produk, yaitu yang membutuhkan desain dan tidak
5. item produk yang tidak butuh desain, tidak akan muncul dilayar staf desain.
6. tiap user yang login diberi hak akses shg desainer hny melihat modul desain dan revisinya.
7. tiap staf desain dan produksi ada suatu timer utk menghitung waktu yang dibutuhkan utk menyelesaikan  1 item order.

alur data sistem sbb:
1. input produk dengan menentukan produk yg terdesain ato tidak
2. ke modul order/penjualan,.input item produk dan keterangan singkat
3. pada Pusat Monitoring (admin yg lihat) akan tampak item order yang masuk
4. admin bisa mengedit item order dengan klik 2x, salah satu data
akan keluar modul untuk input detail item order,.misal metode cetak, ukuran, warna, sampai file desainnya.
5. admin bisa menentukan suatu item order kerjaanya sudah ACC dan masuk ke produksi ato masih revisi  yaitu dengan acuan informasi klien setelah melihat hasil file JPG yg didesain ulang.
6  dan seterusnya, akan masuk ke produksi hingga nanti pengambilan barang,.semua ada di modul PUSAT MONITORING

11. C Monitoring Progress proses Item Order unduh diSINI

nama file RK_4rd1to_V4
besar file 18 Mb

user: admin
pass: 4dm1n



Stock in dimensional sheets on Digital Printing

In the retail business system, the amount of stock is an absolute information. Stock is an asset in that business and becomes a major component. As for units of stock, the majority are grains. However, for retail that sells rice, flour or nuts, the existing unit of bias so is kilogram, although for certain regions use liters unit. Likewise, if the stock is liquid, it will have a liter. Please download the digital printing setup

What about digital printing or printing information system? in this application product, can be transacted either unit of grain, or unit of sheet (meter). Specific unit sheets, it can be assumed that the stock of certain printed materials already have the same width but different length, the term for this is the shape of the coil.

One time when buying a carpet that still scrolls, surely the buyer will be asked how long meters will be purchased. This is because the stock carpet has a different width in determining the size.
Missal is Carpet data type A 2.3 m; carpet type A 3.1 m; carpet type B 2.1 m and others

So when the purchase of carpet materials, which entered in the field amount is the length. And will also update the stock value of the carpet material tesebut.
Likewise during the sale, although there is a wide field, length and amount, then calculated to reduce the amount of stock of this sheet-shaped material is; length x amount.

Why is the width size not included in the variable to reduce the amount of stock available? the answer is: the determination of the choice of material in the order of a certain width, selected the type of material approaching the width of the order. Understood? if we do not assume, there is a banner print order: width 2.5 m long 7 m number of plane 1 sheet.
There is a flexy material type A width of 2.3 m (roll length is still 12.5 m) and type B width 4, 2 m (roll length is still 20 m).
Then it will be selected type B (width 4.2m), because the width of the order is 2.5m wide. so when done, stock type B will be 20 - 7 m remaining 13 m

Prepare to build the web using python flask and pycharm

Python can be used to create web applications. In this paper, will explain how to build web applications with flask. Flask is a small framework for building web. This paper describes the web built in windows 7 32 bit operating system.

Assuming you have installed python 2.7, if you want to install python 3.6 then first windows 7 is converted into service pack 1. You need to understand the consequences what happens, if windows is converted into service pack 1 this. It could be input, if still using visual basic is the component msado.tlb in the installation folder in windows will make the resulting exe file will have an error when used on another computer. Here's the link to download find the setup file that suits your computer.

Settings in the system
Setup python 2.7 can be installed in addition to drive C, if the installation location in D: \ python2.7 then record this location, to determine the computer operating system settings. The steps are:
1. open windows explorer
2. right-click My Computer> properties
will be directed to Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System
3. click Advanced system setings
4. Click the Environment variables button
5. in the System variables section, look for Path
6. Click Path then press Edit button
7. Fill in the following fields: D: \ Python2.7 \ Scripts \; D: \ Python2.7 \;
8. press OK

python is ready to be used to build the web for this stage, that is using python2.7 GUI named IDLE and windows command prompt as terminal to enable python server. As this article does not address this, then look for the pycharm setup as a means to build the web more easily.

Please visit select the Community

Teknik Pembulatan kolom di MSHFlexgrid aplikasi digital printing bagian 1

Suatu saat ada pengguna jasa yang menginginkan revisi pada hitungan di modul order. Hitungan ini terkait dengan kenyataan di lapangan bahwa suatu ukuran yang tanggung misal panjang 2,35 m maka akan dibulatkan menjadi 2,5 m. dengan rumus pembulatan: nilai  0,1 s.d 0,49 pembuatan ke 0,5 sedangkan nilai 0,51 s.d 0,99 ke 1. Hal ini dikarena beberapa pertimbangan, antara lain bahwa sisa yang tanggung, tidak bisa digunakan seoptimal mungkin untuk hal lain.


Yang menjadi hal unik dalam pengalaman membuat aplikasi adalah :

  1. dibuat agar informasi panjang dan lebar, sesuai dengan permintaan pelanggan.
  2. dilakukan hitungan pembulatan di kolom total


agar lebih mudah memahami, berikut saya buatkan contoh hitungannya:

P x L x harga x Qty

3,23  x 2,62 x 1000 x 2

Akan dihitung menjadi

3,5 x 3,0 x 1000 x 2

Dalam pembuatan program ini, memakai objek MSHFlexgrid untuk menampung data. Teknik coding harus bisa memisahkan pecahan dan angka bulatnya. Secara konsep hitungan adalah:

  1. pisahkan terlebih dulu pecahannya.
  2. setelah dapat pecahan, dikondisikan jika kurang dari 0,5 maka dijadikan 0,5 dan jika lebih 0,5 maka dibulatkan ke 1


Function TotalBulatan(pPjg, pLbr, pHrg, pQty)

'Dim vPanjang As Single, vPjgBulat As Single, vPjgPecahan As Single, VPjgBulatan As Single

'Dim vLebar As Single, vLbrBulat As Single, vLbrPecahan As Single, VLbrBulatan As Single


'Dim vTotalBulat As Single


vPanjang = pPjg

vPjgBulat = Int(vPanjang)

vPjgPecahan = Round(vPanjang - vPjgBulat, 2)

If vPjgPecahan < 0.5 Then

VPjgBulatan = vPjgBulat + 0.5


VPjgBulatan = vPjgBulat + 1

End If


vLebar = pLbr

vLbrBulat = Int(vLebar)

vLbrPecahan = Round(vLebar - vLbrBulat, 2)

If vLbrPecahan < 0.5 Then

VLbrBulatan = vLbrBulat + 0.5


VLbrBulatan = vLbrBulat + 1

End If


vTotalBulat = VPjgBulatan * VLbrBulatan * pHrg * pQty

End Function

Menampilkan ikon bootstrap di web dengan bootstrap versi 4

Dalam pembuatan aplikasi web, ada beberapa bahasa pemrograman yang mesti dikuasai atau setidaknya paham. Apabila aplikasi web berbasis php, maka untuk lebih cepat dalam membuat dan men "deploy" aplikasi ke web server, disarankan untuk mempelajari juga kerangka kerja atau framework. Dalam framework, sudah disediakan fungsi dan aturan sistem untuk masalah keamanan data, routing  ( pindah page, aturan POST - GET dll ), caching dan lainnya. Setelah framework dikuasai, pengembang aplikasi lebih fokus ke sistem bisnis itu sendiri, sehingga kerjaan pengembang lebih terbantukan.

Oleh karena web besifat publik, maka masalah tampilan harus diperhatikan juga. Terlebih dewasa ini, dengan adanya perangkat "mobile" maka desain web harus dapat menyesuaikan ukuran dari perangkat. Masalah tampilan di web, diatur dalam file html dan css. Tampilan adalah ranah client side atau sisi pengguna, untuk itu mesti juga mempelahari kerangka kerja pengaturan layour web ini.

Twiiter memperbolehkan penggunaan secara gratis kerangka layout web nya, yang dikenal dengan BOOTSTRAP. Dan ini telah menggunakan boostrap versi 4, yang merupakan versi paling update untuk saat ini , Mei 2018. Akan tetapi saat memakai vesi 4 ini, ada banyak penyesuain yang mesti diperhatikan, antara lain penggunaan glyphicons. 

Glyphicons adalah tampilan ikon-ikon kecil yang sudah ada di bootstrap, sehingga membantu pengembang web dalam mempercantik tampilan. Sekali lagi pengembang tidak susah susah meminta bantuan desain grafis jika hanya membuat ikon. Fitur glyphicons tidak bisa digunakan secara langsung di versi 4 ini, ada beberapa langkah untuk itu, yaitu:

  1. Unduh lah file glyphicons.css ini  ( silakan klik

      2.extract dan taruh lah di folder css di project web

      3.coding lah di bagian header untuk deklarasi penggunaan file css itu

<? Php Yii::app()->clientScript->registerCssFile(Yii::app()->theme->baseUrl . "/css/glyphicons.css"); ?>


Dan ikon bootstrap siap digunakan.

<class="glyphicon glyphicon-record">

Suatu ikon gambar disket, yang mempunyai maksud untuk menyimpan

Pembulatan nilai transaksi Lima ratusan dalam digital printing, retail dan lainnya

Mata uang rupiah yang terkecil saat ini, tahun 2018, adalah rp 50 ( lima puluh rupiah ). Uang senilai itu, umumnya, untuk anak SD pun sudah tidak mau lagi menerima. Dengan uang ini, tidak ada  pilihan yang didapatkan, bahlan untuk permen satu buah.

Dalam transaksi keuangan secara langsung, uang senilai 500 akan menjadi patokan untuk menghilangkan atau membulatkan nilai “pecahan ratusan” transaksi tersebut. Misalnya, jumlah total belanjaan adalah 135.250.  oleh karena nilai 250 rupiah susah diperoleh dan atau orang yang menerima juga akan mengikhlaskan jika tidak diberikan. Sehingga secara nyata akan membulatkan ke bawah menjadi 135.000.

Jika ada aturan bahwa nilai uang pecahan ratusan yang lebih dari 550, maka akan dibulatkan ke ribuan; pecahan ratusan antara 501 s.d 549 akan dibukatkan menjadi 500 dan pecahan ratusan kurang dari 500 akan dibulatkan ke bawah (dihilangkan).

Secara algoritma di atas, apabila diterjemahkan menjadi barisan kode , seperti berikut:

Dim vRatusan As Single, vRibuan As Single, vRibuanUp As Single

Dim vTotalBaru As Single

Function TotalBulatNew(pTotal)

Dim vBilangan As Single, vHasilBulat As Single, vHasilPecahan As Single

Dim VHasilBulatan As Single

'jika ratusan 551 - up, bulatkan ke ribuan

'jika ratusan 501 - 549 ke 500

'jika ratusan  dibawah 500, buang 500 nya

vBilangan = pTotal

vRatusan = Val(Right(vBilangan, 3))

vRibuan = Left(pTotal, (Len(pTotal) - 3))                  ‘

If vRatusan >= 550 Then

vRatusan = 0                                                            

vRibuanUp = (vRibuan * 1000) + 1000

ElseIf (vRatusan >= 501) And (vRatusan <= 549) Then

vRatusan = Int(vRatusan / 100) * 100                      

vRibuanUp = (vRibuan * 1000) '+ 1000

ElseIf vRatusan <= 500 Then

vRatusan = 0

vRibuanUp = (vRibuan * 1000)

End If

vTotalBaru = vRibuanUp + vRatusan

End Function

Call TotalBulatNew(TxtHasil.Text)

  TxtHasil.Text= vTotalBaru

Penjelasan code di atas:

Fungsi TotalBulatNew, mempunyai 1 parameter masukan pTotal, yaitu suatu hasil yang ditampung di dalam objek TxtHasil.Text

vBilangan mempunyai variabel deklarasi single (angka), yang menampung parameter pTotal

vRatusan, suatu variabel yang menKonversi string menjadi angka (Val) yaitu 3 string dihitung dari kanan vBilangan

vRibuan, suatu variabel single, yang diperoleh dengan mengambil nilai angka dari kiri, sebanyak jumlah seluruh string dikurangi 3 ( 3 adalah pecahan ratusan)

If vRatusan >= 550 Then

vRatusan = 0                                                               '

vRibuanUp = (vRibuan * 1000) + 1000

ElseIf (vRatusan >= 501) And (vRatusan <= 549) Then

vRatusan = Int(vRatusan / 100) * 100                        '

vRibuanUp = (vRibuan * 1000) '+ 1000

ElseIf vRatusan <= 500 Then

vRatusan = 0

vRibuanUp = (vRibuan * 1000)

End If

vTotalBaru = vRibuanUp + vRatusan

misal ada angka 235668

vBilangan        = 235668

vRibuan           = 235

vRatusan         = 668 ; masuk ke kondisi lebih besr dari 550..... If vRatusan >= 550 Then

vRatusan         = 0                                                                   '

vRibuanUp      = (vRibuan * 1000) + 1000

                        = (235 x 1000) +1000

                        = 236000        

vTotalBaru      = vRibuanUp + vRatusan

                        = 236000 + 0

Paham kah? - part 1 kiat developer aplikasi

jika Anda developer vb6 dan kemudian akan migrasi ke, tidak perlu kuatir untuk belajar lagi. Banyak artikel dan eyang google dengan youtube nya yang setia support Anda. Seperti semua pemula developer, tahap mula kita belajar adalah mencontoh persis apa yang ditulis senior, (baca developer berpengalaman puluhan/ratusan project). Jika sudah berhasil persis, barulah untuk memulai modif. Biasanya ditahap ini, mulai timbul error yang membutuhkan banyak usaha. Nah, tahap ini situs "stackoverflow" jadi rujukan para developer.

Namun, adakalanya para newbie ada yang malas ngetik "puisi" coding nya. Mereka lebih suka pengen cepat lihat hasil, dengan copas script code dari artikel yang ada. Hal ini tidak disarankan, kecuali jika udah yakin paham betul dan developer yang dikejar deadline waktu. Mengapa copas tidak disarankan?

Saat kita tekan keyboard laptop/PC kita, biasanya akan ada salah ketik "typo", baik kurang tanda titik koma (;) utk php ataupun salah ketik lainnya terkait object utk VB. Saat di run akan ada pesan error.. Saran saya..bersyukur lah. Pengetahuan akan error yang ada akan menjadikan Anda sebabagai developer yang handal ke depan. Dengan ketemu banyak bug/error dan selalu memperhatikan sekaligus mengingat ingat pesan eror tadi, maka akan semakin mempercepat penemuan solusinya.


Software program aplikasi percetakan perbedaan dengan digital printing ( Modul Order tanpa data produk jasa atau stok )

Secara konsep bahwa digital printing, menjadi tonggak permulaan industri 4.0 yaitu dengan digitalisasi nya. Berbeda saat era percetakan, yang masih ada sablonisasi manual, mesin digital printing jauh beda dan semua serba digital.

Dalam pembuatan software program aplikasi digital printing dan percetakan, ternyata berbeda pula. Di usaha percetakan ada suatu order yang tidak memerlukan suatu data produk – jasa / layanan / stok. Di modul order ini, ditulis langsung kolom produk/jasanya, kolom keterangan, Qty, harga jual dan lainnya. Baik di modul order biasa (yg ambil data produk) dan modul order manual, semua bisa terlihat di laporan Order periode.


Kenapa diperlukan modul Order manual ini?

Dalam usaha percetakan, terlalu banyak rekues order yang mesti diinputkan sebagai data produk, ditambah lagi nilai harga jual yang sangat “custome” (kata lain; bisa ditawar dan harga tidak standar). Kelebihan modul order ini, adalah bisa entri jenis order apapun, selama bisa dikerjakan oleh percetakan itu.